Tim Brook - Downer
Monday 05 Aug, 2019 - Technician: Ben

"Thanks, Ben, your thoughtfulness was much appreciated."
97 / 100
Christian Taubenschlag - Barton
Thursday 07 Feb, 2019 - Technician: David

"What great service! knowledgeable, efficient and very reasonably priced. "
100 / 100
Mike Cogan - Pearce
Thursday 25 Oct, 2018 - Technician: Ross

"Once again top class service from Crawfords. Pity I did not contact them before the switchover to NBN otherwiswe I would not have had the problem with Outlook and my disappearing contacts/address book!!"
97 / 100
Michelle Buckingham - Kaleen
Thursday 04 Oct, 2018 - Technician: Ross

"I was very pleased with the prompt service for a small job I could not do myself. Thank you for taking the time to help me out with my mobile phone sim card change over and activation phone call to the company. Cheers."
100 / 100
Amanda Coleman - Oxley
Tuesday 17 Jul, 2018 - Technician: David

"David is always helpful, professional and knowledgeable. We have used David s services on several occasions and have always been extremely happy. Our issues have always been resolved quickly and for a reasonable cost. David has also supplied our small business with two new computers, we have been very pleased with both and wouldn t buy a computer from anyone else."
100 / 100
Roger Rankin - Hughes
Saturday 16 Jun, 2018 - Technician: David

"We really appreciated David coming at short notice especially over the weekend. David solved alot to the problems that have been annoying us. David is a champion! We will use David again. We have recommended him to our neighbours."
100 / 100
James Maher - Downer
Wednesday 18 Apr, 2018 - Technician: Ross

"After having had two traumatic experiences with a scammer, I was most grateful for the quiet, confident and considerate attention I received from Ross and Ben. I also was most grateful to have their advice on how to deal with such occurrences, and also their explanation of what had happened, and how the new virus protection service will operate."
100 / 100
Michael Cogan - Pearce
Saturday 03 Feb, 2018 - Technician: David

"Very professional handling and solving of several procedural problems with my new computer. Now feel quite happy that all is well with the computer and my use of it for the foreseeable. David was patient as always with a P-plater!"
100 / 100
John Kelleher - Crestwood
Thursday 28 Dec, 2017 - Technician: David

"David was just the person to listen, understand and then complete the necessary steps to resolve my computer issue. Very happy with the service."
100 / 100
Vladimir Orsag - Florey
Wednesday 04 Oct, 2017 - Technician: Ben

"It wasnt David, but Ben. So I believe your questions should be addressed to you or your employee. So all answers are for Ben. Real gem in your team. Unfortunately some bosses do not recognise loyalty. Vladimir"
98 / 100
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