Peter Cairns - Curtin
Tuesday 09 Mar, 2021 - Technician: David

"Google Feedback (5 Stars)

Prompt, reliable service at my home and,subsequently, at Crawfords ' workshop yielded a great improvement at a very reasonable price. Very pleased with the results. Happy to recommend this service."
100 / 100
Jack Henkel - Lyneham
Monday 09 Nov, 2020 - Technician: Lachlan

"Google Feedback (5 Stars)

Excellent customer service and a very speedy service."
100 / 100
Kim Hefren-Webb - Yarralumla
Thursday 04 Jun, 2020 - Technician: David

"Google Feedback:

Fantastic service and I felt they offered me the best value solution possible. Thanks so much."
100 / 100
Michael Anderson - Forde
Monday 13 Jan, 2020 - Technician: Caleb

"Google Feedback (5 Stars)

Good service and charge a fair price for the work done. Would recommend."
100 / 100
Peter Simpson - Chifley
Saturday 25 May, 2019 - Technician: David

"initial booking was messed up. subsequent booking was fine. q2 - no time promised, but job well done. on-line link timed out as windows backup running to complete job."
94 / 100
David Kibbey - Forrest
Thursday 25 Oct, 2018 - Technician: David

"David has managed my IT for over 12 years & I have the utmost respect for his expertise and character. When IT things go wrong all you want is for them to be fixed fast. David does that every time. David"
100 / 100
Peter Parr - Phillip
Monday 27 Aug, 2018 - Technician: Ben & Ross

"We responded to your invitation to check over a computer you had set up for us several months ago and were impressed that you agreed also to service a second one (a laptop) at the same discount price. In this context Ben offered much helpful advice, resulting in a substantial upgrade of the laptop (replacing the magnetic-disc drive with a solid-state one) and arranging systematic backup. We are very happy with this result, with your prompt and friendly service and with Bens capable and [see more]"
100 / 100
Sanie Ymer - Turner
Thursday 07 Jun, 2018 - Technician: Ross

"I have tried various computer service organisations over many years and have settled on Crawfords due to their reliability, direct advice, efficiency and reasonable costs. The staff are also excellent."
100 / 100
Carolyn Coffey - Campbell
Wednesday 21 Feb, 2018 - Technician: Ryan

"As a Senior who is far from Computer savvy, I appreciated Ryans patience in explaining and offering advice. My computer is going well and am now happily reconnected with family and friends."
100 / 100
Adrian Billingham - Canberra
Wednesday 22 Nov, 2017 - Technician: Ryan

"Ryan was very helpful and the repair was done in a very quick time. Thanks Adrian"
92 / 100
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