Tim Brook - Downer
Monday 05 Aug, 2019 - Technician: Ben

"Thanks, Ben, your thoughtfulness was much appreciated."
97 / 100
Marion Watts - Holt
Monday 15 Apr, 2019 - Technician: David

"David is the consummate professional. He always arrives on time, and calls ahead to inform you if he happens to be delayed. He is honest, helpful, obliging, and most importantly knows his trade. He just gets in and gets the job done and doesnt waste time. I call him BP (The Quiet Achiever). I am very grateful he was recommended to me."
100 / 100
Roger Rankin - Hughes
Tuesday 01 Jan, 2019 - Technician: David

"We have had David a number of times and have recommended him to others. For hime to come on New Years day is proof of his customer service."
100 / 100
Paul Varsanyi - Kambah
Monday 24 Sep, 2018 - Technician: Ross

"Ross was knowledgeable and patient. It took two team view sessions, as he discovered a fix after the first one. I was most happy to be able to fix my two problems without the need for a service call."
98 / 100
Andrew Webster - Weetangera
Tuesday 17 Jul, 2018 - Technician: Ross

"Ross - thanks for your service and advice about internet. Trend Micro scan function is now working. TPG have fixed the slow download speed. Andrew "
100 / 100
Mike Cogan - Pearce
Thursday 26 Apr, 2018 - Technician: Ben

"Excellent service today from Ben. Very happy with result and replaced disc. Ben there is no black box or disc at home. Do not recall receiving them in Dec 17."
100 / 100
Aileen Hancock - Yarralumla
Monday 19 Mar, 2018 - Technician: Ben

"It is very reassuring to be able to have the same person to assist with my lack of computer knowledge. Ben is able to do this by willing to explain my problems and talk through things I dont understand. Yes I would recommend Ben to friends or anyone who needed help"
95 / 100
Ed Wensing - Nicholls
Monday 22 Jan, 2018 - Technician: David

"Hi Ben and Ryan I came in with a problem with my wifes laptop which you were able to resolve very efficiently, thanks. Then someone else, NOT Crawfords stuffed my desk top PC. I had to buy a new one, and you were able to assist with installing the proper version of Office and recovering my emails and contacts. Thank you very much for your services, greatly appreciated. Kind regards Ed Wensing"
100 / 100
John Kelleher - Crestwood
Thursday 28 Dec, 2017 - Technician: David

"David was just the person to listen, understand and then complete the necessary steps to resolve my computer issue. Very happy with the service."
100 / 100
Michael Adler - Gungahlin
Monday 30 Oct, 2017 - Technician: David

"David, although you were not able to down load Windows Live Mail for me, you seem to have been successful in solving my problem with Spam. Although it is early days yet, what ever you did seems to have virtually stopped the flood of junk I was receiving, with only a very few annoying bits of rubbish coming through. As I said early days yet, I have my fingers crossed that this is now rectified. thank you. - Michael Adler"
97 / 100
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