Our Business
We are Canberra's leading computer repair service providing support for all IT & related technology for home and small business in our region.   We service all metropolitan and rural areas from Jindabyne & Bombala to Yass and on occasion, even as far as Armidale.   We work with a number of international ICT companies to provide IT support to most Canberra clubs as well as Val Morgan equipment in many movie theatres in the region.    We have been delighting our customers for over 30 years and have been working with computers and electronics since 1981.   We believe in value for money as well as quick & professional service performed by highly experienced technicians.   We offer a generous ACT Seniors Card and pension card discount, we don't charge extra for same day appointments or to service business customers and we don't send out amateurs or part time students to fix your issues.   We are not part of a franchise and are locally owned and operated so all profits stay in the local Canberra community supporting local businesses and employing local Australian staff.
Attention to Detail
We believe in attention to detail to the point of obsession and are extremely tennacious - our technicians will sometimes spend several hours researching a problem (on their own time) in order to provide the best possible outcome for our customers.   We spend extra time on difficult and complex problems so we can provide you with the best possible outcome and so we can provide an even better, faster and more professional service to the next customer who has a similar set of issues.    Once we finish every job, we even give all computers a full physical clean including cleaning keyboards, screens, cooling fans and power supplies and the inside and outside of all equipment that leaves our workshop.   As part of every service we give all computers a thorough virus and malware scan and a general tune-up even for jobs where the original problem was not related to malware or windows performance.   If you are not convinced that we will provide a better, faster, more professional, more thorough and more affordable service in every way, we invite you to put us to the test and see for yourself - our service and your satisfaction are 100% GUARANTEED!.   We keep detailed notes on all jobs we perform and maintain a database tracking everything from customers feedback to sales, parts and customers job histories so when you call we can see at a glance all the previous jobs we have done so we are always up to speed with your computers repair history before we undertake each new job.   This reduces errors and allows us to track issues that may be recurring which results in faster and more accurate diagnosis of your issues.
About Us
State of the art workshop
David Crawford (CEO)
State of the art workshop

Our Staff

David Crawford is the business owner, founder, CEO, senior engineer.   He started programming computers and working with electronics back in 1981.   He studied electronics engineering at CIT then moved into computer programming where he won a programming prize from Aspect Computing for the most outstanding software package in a unit where students had to conceive of, design and code a software package to manage a small business.   While studying, he worked as a network administrator, programmer, typesetter and even head photographer for "The Canberra City News" newspaper, currently owned by "The Canberra Times" where he designed and coded a database system in C++ to manage advertising and billing for the Canberra Trading Post newspaper.   In 1996 he started a business working from home that designed, coded and managed online billing and payment systems similar to PayPal today but long before PayPal and most current market leading billing companies were created.

In 2007 with the rise of the Internet and the massive surge of customers taking their business offshore, the demand for local Australian programming services dwindles as he simply could not compete with the low prices offered by these off-shore companies, he changed his focus to software development and research while working as a restaurant manager to pay the bills but also did all the IT work for the restaurant as well as designing and installing their CCTV security system and stock ordering & costing frameworks.  

In 2011 he returned to IT full time, initially on a very small scale helping 1 or 2 customers a day with computer issues as well as providing telephone tech support.   As business grew quickly, he fitted out a shipping container as a dedicated (and green) workshop which he outgrew within a year and then moved that container into a commercial unit in Mitchell and shortly afterwards hired his first 2 staff (Ben and Tyler).  

In  2017 David taught himself to code in PHP, Java Script and SQL and brushed up on HTML and CSS in order to design a new business management system to run the business after being unable to find any quality commercial products that met all the needs of his growing business.   David continues to spend all his free time coding this system in an effort to keep improving the business management system while also managing the business, repairing computers, training staff and helping customers.  

In September 2019, he started building our new shop in Homeworld Tuggeranong which opened in January 2020.   Unfortunately, due to Covid, the business contracted and by the end of 2021 we were forced to close the Mitchell shop and consolidate our resources.   We now focus all our attention on growing the Greenway shop while continuing our onsite support for customers all around the region.

Ben Tassone started with us in July 2016 as our workshop manager and head technician in Mitchell until the shop closed in 2021 however he continues to work for us as a contractor, servicing  customers on the Northside mainly doing onsite work including repairs for ICT companies such as Val Morgan, Clubs ACT and others.      Ben started with us as our first employee after we became too busy for David to handle by himself.   Ben comes from a corporate background of doing onsite and workshop server repairs and upgrades as well as warranty jobs for DELL and it's private and corporate customers.   Ben has some experience with Apple products however his main focus is Windows hardware and software repair.

Ryan Jones started with us in Jan 2020 as a trainee technician at our Mitchell shop to help out following Davids move to the new Tuggeranong shop.   He was studying at CIT in the evenings while continuing to learn our trade but has paused that study to focus on his family as he works full time with us in Tuggeranong and lives all the way up in north Gungahlin.     Ryan picks up new concepts quickly so has risen to become our lead technician in our Tuggeranong workshop.   Ryan also trains new staff as well as mentoring work experience students from local high schools and colleges who we host every few weeks.   Ryan is starting to do some onsite service work and feedback from customers has been very positive thus far.   We have recently managed to secure Ryan's services for another 12 months until Sep 2023 and with luck, will remain with us well into the future.

William Gee (Will)
started work with us working Saturdays and school holidays as a trainee technician in Feb 2021 following a very impressive week of work experience he did with us through his school.   Will is currently in year 11 and plans to study engineering when he finishes college.   Will is outgoing and friendly and like many teenagers, is very experienced in the computer gaming world so we rely on his knowledge on these subjects to assist customers with gaming related queries.   Will picks things up extremely quickly and is learning the ropes faster than most previous staff we have hired over the years.  

Ben Takkenberg started with us in August 2022 and comes with a strong interest in IT with some home experience in repairs and building desktop PCs.  Ben, also known in our system as Max to avoid confusion with our original tech Ben Tassone, previously ran his own small businesses in the construction trade doing rendering work in new homes and home renovations.  Ben has decided on a change in careers due to the physical stresses of his trade becoming too much to deal with at the same time as running his small business.   Ben is very outgoing, is exceptionally good with customers in person and on the phone and is very keen to learn.  He is picking things up quickly and we expect he will be able to handle most general day to day repairs without assistance within the next 6 months or so.
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